Breastfeeding Milestone Keyring Plus Personalisation

Breastfeeding Journey Keepsake
Manufacturer: Punky Funky Jewellery
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Breastfeeding is a special time for families. This breastfeeding award keyring gives breastfeeding families the opportunity to beautifully display their nursing achievements.

This keyring can be customised with babies name and birthstone crystals, as well as the breastfeeding milestones reached.

The larger aluminium metal charm measures approx. 25mm and has the wording, Our Breastfeeding Journey, along with a Mum and baby stamp.

Each aluminium metal breastfeeding milestone charm measures approx. 19mm. See below for the booby award charms available.

Breastfeeding milestones to choose from:

* Glitter - 1 month

* Copper - 3 months

* Silver - 6 months

* Jade - 9 months

* Gold - 12 months

* Platinum - 18 months

* Diamond - 2 years

* Amber - 2.5 years

* Ruby - 3 years

* Tanzanite - 4 years

* Opal - 5 years

Each aluminium metal name charm measures approx. 19mm. Each name charm can fit up to 12 characters (including spaces and punctuation). See below for the birthstone crystal colour choices.

Colours of crystals to choose from:

* Garnet (January)

* Amethyst (February)

* Aquamarine (March)

* Crystal clear (April)

* Emerald (May)

* Light amethyst (June)

* Ruby (July)

* Peridot (August)

* Sapphire (September)

* Rose (October)

* Topaz (November)

* Blue zircon (December

Choose to have this keyring presented in an organza bag or gift box.

Please note, as each item is hand stamped, and most of the metal I use hand punched or hand cut, there may be a slight variation from piece to piece and text may not be perfectly straight. This adds to the unique and individual charm of each hand stamped item, and is not considered to be a defect.

Why aluminium? I work mainly with aluminium as not only is it such a lovely metal to work with, it is also hypo-allergenic, lightweight, yet strong, durable and doesn't tarnish like other metals do.

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