Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme

Would you like to sign up for 12 months to become a Breastfeeding Friendly venue or business?
Manufacturer: Breastfeeding Together
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This scheme is open to any venue or business that would like to show that they welcome and support breastfeeding families on their premises.

When you sign up to our Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme you will be sent a digital logo and Breastfeeding Friendly welcome pack via e-mail.

You have the option to add-on a Breastfeeding Friendly Window Sticker, these are £5 each, or 3 for £10. Don't forget to add this on before checking out!

Add your social media name/details so we can tag you in on social media.

This will include;

A Breastfeeding Friendly certificate, policy, printable posters, frequently asked questions sheet and further information with useful links.

In addition to the digital logo and welcome pack, you will also be listed as a Breastfeeding Friendly venue or business on our website and included on our interactive map which members of the public can access easily.

The Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme is a wonderful advertisement for your venue or business and will be promoted and advertised regularly via our social media platforms. We support thousands of women and their families every year and these families are always on the look out for places to feel welcomed and supported whilst out and about Breastfeeding.

Please ensure your business name is entered in the text box available.


The Breastfeeding Friendly certificate, poster, policy, frequently asked questions sheet and further information with useful links and digital logo will be sent via e-mail within 3-5 working days.

The window sticker will be dispatched within 3-5 working days.

To order additional window stickers please e-mail 

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