Breastfeeding Award Charms

Manufacturer: Punky Funky Jewellery
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Breastfeeding, or giving breastmilk, to any age is an amazing achievement and should be celebrated. These breastfeeding award charms allow breastfeeding families to proudly show off their accomplishments on their favourite bracelet or keyring.

These cute charms will be made to order by hand stamping each individual letter onto a blank aluminium metal disc. It is then polished and finished by painting each letter with black ink.

The aluminium metal discs measure approx. 19mm.

You can choose the booby award charm you would like from the drop down menu.

Choose from:

- 1 month - Glitter boobies
- 3 months - Copper boobies
- 6 months - Silver boobies
- 9 months - Jade boobies
- 12 months - Gold boobies
- 18 months - Platinum boobies
- 2 years - Diamond boobies
- 2.5 years - Amber boobies
- 3 years - Ruby boobies
- 4 years - Tanzanite boobies
- 5 years - Opal boobies

Choose to have each charm come complete on a stainless steel ring for necklace charms, or on a split ring to attach to keyrings.

These charms can be added to the breastfeeding award keyrings and necklaces I make, or attached to your own items.

Please note, as each item is hand stamped, and most of the metal I use hand punched or hand cut, there may be a slight variation from piece to piece and text may not be perfectly straight. This adds to the unique and individual charm of each hand stamped item, and is not considered to be a defect.

Why aluminium? I work mainly with aluminium as not only is it such a lovely metal to work with, it is also hypo-allergenic, lightweight, yet strong, durable and doesn't tarnish like other metals do.